Homeopathic options for PSP

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Homeopathic options for PSP

Postby beacon0527 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:04 pm


My Mom has been officially diagnosed with PSP. We took Mom to Baltimore, MD last week to see Dr. Reich at University of Maryland Medical Center and he confirmed she has PSP. We knew it was highly likely she had the disease as she had seen a neurologist at UVA who initially provided that diagnosis and she has most of the symptoms. Dr. Reich spent a lot of time with us (1 1/2 hours),even though he was running very late. He has a wonderful, engaging manner about him and was very thorough and patient with all of our questions. He even came out in the waiting room to apologize that he was running late. You don't get that very often with doctors these days!

Unfortunately, the disease has really progressed over the past 6 months. Mom is no longer able to walk much using a walker and we've started using a wheel chair in and out of the home. Her talking is extremely limited and her body is becoming very rigid with her fists tightly clenched in a ball. Dr. Reich suggested going up on the dose of Levadopa, it has shown some sign of helping her mobility. We're happy to see that the increased dosage seems to be providing some degree of improvement in Mom's mobility - which is great!

I was wondering if there were any homeopathic options that people have found to hold off the progression of PSP. We know there are no cures but it would be great to hear of any natural/ homeopathic options people have found to work.

Thanks in advance!
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