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Educational Materials

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When CurePSP releases new educational materials, they will be posted here. To request a free hard copy of any of these materials, please contact CurePSP at 800-457-4777, via email at, or complete our online ordering form.

[Reference Book] A Guide for People Living With PSP, CBD and Other Atypical Parkinsonian Disorders (view online)
This is a 2012 version of our guidebook which features updated content and new articles discussing numerous disease management strategies.

[Pamphlet] What Every Social Worker, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Speech-language Pathologist Should Know about PSP, CBD, and MSA (view online)
This publication is intended for healthcare professionals and is designed to help guide them in their treatment of patients.

[DVD] PSP: A Primer for the Newly Diagnosed (view online)
This DVD was created for a person who has just been diagnosed with PSP. The video is hosted by actress and CurePSP national spokesperson Patricia Richardson and contains medical and scientific information, as well as testimonials about receiving the diagnosis, the importance of finding support and maintaining hope.

[DVD] CurePSP How To Series (view online)
This DVD is a compilation of 41 short instructional videos designed to help people with atypical Parkinsonian disorders and their caregivers to better accomplish daily tasks.

[DVD] 2013 Northeastern Family Conference (view online)
This DVD is a recording of all the presentations made by speakers at the 2013 Northeastern Family Conference held in Boston, Massachussetts on April 27, 2013. Topics include:
    - Opening Remarks
    - Medical Update on PSP
    - Medical Update on CBD and MSA
    - Speaker Panel Q&A
    - Physical & Occupational Therapies: Improving Day-to-Day Life
    - Speech & Language Therapies: Coping with Symptoms
    - Closing Remarks

[DVD] 2012 Midwestern Family Conference (view online)
This DVD is a recording of all the presentations made by speakers at the 2012 Midwestern Family Conference held in Dallas, Texas on June 2, 2012. Topics include:
    - The Causes of PSP
    - PSP: Diagnosis and Treatment Options
    - Clinical Research: A Primer
    - Functional Strategies Through ST, OT, and PT for PSP/CBD and Related Brain Disorders
    - Challenges of Middle and Late Stage Atypical Parkinsonian Disorders
    - The Hope of Hospice
    - Mood and Cognition: Choices and Challenges
    - Social Security: Disability Programs and Compassionate Allowances

[DVD] Managing PSP, MSA and Advanced Parkinson's Disease - A Guide for PT/OT/SLP (not available online)
This DVD chronicles a program that was developed and presented by the OHSU Parkinson Center of Oregon and is intended to help guide physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists in their work with PSP, MSA, and PD patients.
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