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Postby boxcar9 » Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:30 pm


Oh Happy Day!
I'm so excited!!!

FINALLY, the doctors have come around to agreeing to order genetic testing!

Now, before I experience too much happiness--I know, I know, I know--the implications of positive results could be devastating for the rest of us.

I started to briefly look up the "C9ORF" gene and have skimmed a couple of articles.

YIKES! The behavioral manifestations of FTD is just "WTF".
Now, that I have read some cases, I realize there is a new Pandora's Box. In it are more concerns & worries--mostly for my siblings, myself & their children.

Ex: One sibling has become estranged from Mom's situation . . . to the point of me deliberately provoking them to get a response.
I was downright dirty mean. I informed them that if they didn't want to be a part of things anymore, just say so & I would never bother them again!

I was expecting a mean response back. I did not get that.

Brace yourself! The response I got was on a completely different subject. (gaaahhhhhh) Now, you might say, they are being "better" by ignoring my inciteful comment and that just because I am slinging mud, they are choosing not to sling it back. OH Nooooooo--that is not how this sibling behaves. This sibling normally "bites back" at everything when their personal character is being attacked.

This same sibling has become obsessed with religion and a particular club. All this time, I have been attributing the obsessions to OCD & narcissism.

After reading about some of the behavior manifestations of FTD, I ...think ... I ... am ... wrong. (sigh)

Hell, ever since the diagnosis for Mom, I have questioned my own behavior and abilities (I keep dropping things).
Well, I am still glad we are having the testing done.
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