Our Faithful Pepper

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Our Faithful Pepper

Postby Crazy Mary » Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:09 am

I know it has been a very long time sense I have been here,alot going on.
But I think some of you will remember the stories about Pepper and how she watched over Bruce so well when he was ill.
A couple of weeks ago I noticed she had a knot on her inner thigh of her left leg. I took her to the Vet last week and after x-rays and blood test, they say she has a fast moving Cancer. They wanted to take her leg from the hip and put her through kemo and radiation. However Pepper is now thirteen years old and there was no garantee they could cure the Cancer or that she would make it through surgery.
So they gave us some pills and when it comes time I will take her in. I along with the kids have decided to have her cremated when the time comes and take her to her Bruce. I asked the Vet how and why but she said she had never seen this in a dog before. So there's no telling what caused it. But I do know she was my best helper when Bruce was ill and she watched over him until he left us. So she deserves to be with him when it is her time to go.
Those of you who have pets I think will understand how much this breaks my heart.
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Postby Robin » Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:42 am

I'm sorry to hear about this impending loss, Mary. I know you love Pepper dearly.
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Postby eplowman » Tue Apr 20, 2010 6:28 pm


Thank you for informing us. Pepper has been, and is, part of your family. I've had 11 dogs in my lifetime, and our family's loveable golden Cocker Spaniel sleeps on the sofa next to my bed almost every night -- waiting to have shredded wheat for breakfast with me every morning. <g>
I loved each one, and they reciprocated in kind. It was always hard to part company with them when age, disease, or injury overtook them. All of that to say that I know the sadness you feel. On your final trip to the vet, you may want to stop at a shelter on the way home to see if Pepper has a young distant cousin there that may need a home and a loving companion like you.

ed p.
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Postby Crazy Mary » Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:17 am

I wanted to thankyou Ed and Robin for your kind thoughts. I know that this was discussed at one time or another on the sight. Pets being used to help patients with and detect diseases. My Mom and I were talking and we had noticed her dog sniffing Pepper where the cancer is prior to there even being a problem noticed. We just thought he was aggravating her he is a little younger but they have always gotten along well.
I have to wonder if he didn't know there was a problem.
Anyway, Pepper is doing pretty well with the pain med the Vet gave us so hopefully she will be with us for awhile longer.
Also I would like to ask for prayer, for those who know I have mentioned my oldest daughter Jenny who is Madi's Mom has Chron's disease. It has steadily gotten worse. She has had many hospital stays and I have been spending almost everyday with her and the babies. Her biggest problem seems to be getting meds to work or reactions to meds. I am afraid they will have to do surgery before too long which we are trying to avoid. It seems that after the hopital stays she really isn't better. I am lucky in that she just lives about ten miles away,so I go everyday to help with the babies and her. I hate seeing her like this she is so weak from this disease. They keep telling her to give the meds time to work,but the Doc I went with her to see the other day wasn't even giving her a chance to tell him what was going on. That is until I lost it and flat told him to hear her out. I thought for sure I was going to be thrown out, but he did listen. Didn't do much good though because the new med he gave her isn't working either. She was actually worse today than the day before.
Another problem I am seeing that I saw when we were going to Docs with Bruce is that they don't consult with each other,so one dosen't know what the other is prescribing and one med counteracts another or just shouldn't be taken with it etc. I almost lost it when the pain Doc said it was not thier policy to consult with other Docs. The GI Doc had gone to the extent of e-mailing his office and he flat said he was not going to respond. I just don't get it. I am trying to convince her to change Docs and I pray we can find some that will consult with each other and get this under control. She is so young and this disease has taken so much from her. She was recently fired from her job because of being in the hospital too much, she was a teacher with headstart sense her Senior year of highschool and she's thirty. What a way to repay someone whose been with you so long and they lost a good teacher. Whenever we are out we run into parents and past students who want to know how she is and why she's not working. The one's that are going to hurt the most from her not being there are the kids with autism and behavioral problems. Every year it seemed she got those children and she went that extra mile for them.
I'm sorry I've gone on about this, but she needs all the prayers she can get. I love my baby and I hate seeing her like this.
wife of Bruce 54 years old diag.2003 symptoms since 2001. Freed of PSP on Aug. 19th 2008
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