Share Your Easter Celebrations

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Share Your Easter Celebrations

Postby willru602 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:45 am

Okay...Porch Setters...I know the day is just startin' fer some of you and some have been at it before dawn. By sundown, settin' and rockin' in these big ole rockers should be a nice way to close out the I'll be right here waitin' to hear your stories of the day's events. I'll give ya some hints...

*Maybe you had family all weekend...tell us!
*Anybody go to a Sunrise Service this morning?
*What about the egg many did YOU find? ha
*Oh and those little their cute new pictures!
*And I KNOW most of you had a big spread for lunch, list the menu..we might want to use it next year!
*Anyone participate in a cantata at it and tell us who was off key! ha
*Some of you went to Mass yesterday or last night...I'm not familiar but inform me.
*I know the pets were glad you finally got around to cookin' a decent meal, so let us know how they lapped it up!

We're alone this Easter as we have been for the past couple of years...One daughter has no children and they are worshiping with friends at another church today. The other daughter had Sunrise Service at 6, played for a cantata and then they had breakfast...her children are doing their own tradition this year and she's taking a nap! We'll probably see both daughters before the day is done...they never miss a day but for now it's think I'll turn on the local TV station and watch one of the local services...


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Share your Easter Celebrations

Postby dorothy p. wallace » Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:59 pm

We actually spent some time on our back porch (!)--it was a pretty day, after a morning mist. We had ham, asparagus, creamed potatoes, whole wheat dinner rolls, and Roy had a chocolate bunny!

Roy is having the proverbial good days and bad days, now; I asked his neurologist what caused the big swing in his condition from day to day, but she said they don't know. But when he has a good day, and can talk some, he sounds just like his "old self!" LOL Sunday was a good day for him.

His neuro said he's "getting there," when I asked whether he's in the advanced stage of PSP. He sometimes clenches his fists so that his nails dig into the palm of his hand. We roll up a wash cloth for him to hold. Sometimes his tongue is stuck in the front of his mouth, making it almost impossible to get a spoon of food into his mouth. And he's getting stiffer, so that it's scary when I transfer him; I never know whether I can get him into the other chair (or bed) without his falling. But two good things: he doesn't have any pain, and he doesn't complain. When we ask him how he is, he says, "Fine."

My husband of 54 yrs, Roy, b. 1934,, Symptoms since 2004, diagnosed May, 2006, d July 19, 2010
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