Veteran's Day

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Veteran's Day

Postby Crazy Mary » Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:21 pm

I went to Jefferson Barracks today to see Bruce. Every time I go there it has changed. So many more there with him,it took me a minute to find his stone as the area has expanded so much. It has only been a couple of months sense I was there last.
They don't put the flags on the grave sites like they use to so,when I noticed they had not taken the flowers that Mark and I had put there when he was home. I took the flag and put on the grave next to him. Here at home the VFW and Boy Scouts still put the flags on the graves of our Veteran's, then the following weekend they remove them. I know JB is a large cemetary but I have to wonder what happened to stop them from doing the flags.
To All of Our Veteran's and their Families I say THANK YOU!!!!
On a very good note I met Josh's girlfriend at the cemetary and got to see the new baby. She is a beautiful little girl,Sophia Grace. I know Bruce would be thrilled to have seen her. I thought it was sweet of her to meet me there, Sophia is a month old this weekend. I hope they tell her how her Grandpa was a wonderful man. I am hoping that they will stop by Thanksgiving,I wasn't feeling so good,I've got a sore throat and was afraid of holding her and possibly making her sick. So maybe I will get a chance then.
I miss Bruce terribly I know he would be proud to be a Grandpa again.Another baby to ooh and ahh at,he would be thrilled.
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