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Girl Talk

Postby willru602 » Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:47 am

Okay, gals...come on over to the south end of the porch and grab a chair and a cup of coffee...oh yeah, try some of that French Vanilla creamer in it too. It's great!

Now you fella's can listen in too, but don't let me hear tell of you spreadin' any of what ya hear around the porch. And remember, you didn't SEE anything and it might be best you didn't hear it either! :D

All you girls know how a little shoppin' spree can lighten your day and many times we don't have to buy a thing, just window shop. Well...I had a purpose in mind when I went out last week and that was to buy a new bra. Yep...I'm probably the only gal on the porch that don't own a black bra!

You all also know that all the tops in the stores are cut down to your naval and even the ones in the 'old gals' section! And if you ain't gonna try it on, then I'd suggest taking a measuring tape just to be on the safe side...that is, unless you want to live dangerously. :lol:

Well, two years ago I bought a nice black top...actually bought maroon and one black. They were on sale and had a nice square neckline..kinda low but not too low, I thought. Well....daughter has the maroon one and in the meantime I had outgrown the black one until this past year when I took those pounds off.

I have this casual occasion I'm attending this month and figured the black top would be perfect to dress up a pair of jeans. Well...I have a nice lacy black cami that brings up the neckline but then my necklace won't fit right and I decide if I keep my posture perfect then maybe I won't need to worry about all this is where the black bra comes in...

Oh...almost forgot, I bought one of those black cami's that kinda squeeze things into place from your waist up but still need a black bra just in case some straps move around...Well.....(that's southern talk...all sentences begin with Welllllll) I'm browsing the lingerie department and before I check out, all the bras are beginning to look alike but I did finally just grab one and head home to try it on with my top and see how I looked.

Girls!! ain't gonna believe this but that bra was one of them 'push up' things and I almost fainted when I snapped the thing on! Talk about 'pop overs' !!! And to cap that off, there was stuff hanging under my armpits that resembled a turkey gobbler! :oops:

I couldn't even wear that bra under a tee shirt without feeling embarrassed!! So...I'm off today to make a gift to youngest daughter... :P

Now, I ain't against anyone wearing a push up if that's what they like...but when you get my age and start pushing things around, you create a problem some other I've decided short of plastic surgery or liposuction, it's best just to make sure it's loose enough that no one will notice.

Moral of the story is: Take time to read the tags, try it on and enjoy a moment of 'bliss' as you try to imagine how that would have looked 50 years ago....and hope there was no hidden camera in the dressing room!
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Postby Robin » Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:24 am

Ha ha!

Hope it fits your daughter!
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Postby pearlmckee » Sat Oct 03, 2009 8:52 pm

You gave me such a good laugh!!!!

I find it SOOO depressing to go shopping for clothes. If I find slacks to fit the hips then the waist sticks out 6". I was recently at WallyWorld and noticed the mens shiny "basketball" shorts with a drawstring waist. I bought a size LARGE and next time got a couple of X-L so they would be fuller...HOW DEPRESSING !!!!!

And DON'T EVEN think about buying a dress, NOTHING is flattering !!!

I'm STILL laughing at your post. THANKS for the giggle.
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girl talk

Postby ruthkri » Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:15 pm

Hi Ru, Been a while since I read the new posts and definitely nee to read yours. True to my memory and true to you it was a hoot. So glad to hear from you. Keep up you wonderful sense of humor. It really touched me.. Love, Ruth
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Postby Crazy Mary » Sun Oct 25, 2009 2:36 am

RU, Haven't been on for awhile,I needed a lift. I can not stand to bra shop,and by the way your not the only one to no own a black bra. But my Jenny talked me into a cami. I actually liked the way it looked under my black sweater. I don't have a problem with those push up bras though nothing to push up :D .
Jenny turned thirty on the ninth of this month so we. Missy Jenny and I went out,a girls night out we haven't had in some time. We had a ball the three of us. We went to one of those Japanese rest. where they do the cooking in front of you. Missy hates to try new foods,however Jenny and I both like trying new things. Anyway Missy said she would never eat sushi ever. Well after a shot of saki and having all this different food in front of us. I asked her to try something and of course it was sushi. She liked it until I told her what she had just eaten. I can't believe I can still get one in on them ever so often :D .
After eating we went to the President Casino.which use to be the Admiral when I was a kid and did tours up and down the Mississippi. I found out my girls don't need to gamble but I came out ahead a little. We had a really good time and have made a pact to do something similar atleast once a year. Maybe we can talk Mom into going next time if she's up to it.
By the way sense I had never been to a restarant like that one I was totally surprised when the guy cooking for us started throwing food at us. However I have to say it was hilarious watching as we all tried to catch it with our mouths open. Jenny caught hers however Missy and I didn't do well. Also I don't understand why Bruce always said saki was good,it was definitly yucky. Missy took a picture of me as I was drinking it and I must have made a heck of a face. She texted Mark while we were there and sent him pictures over her phone so he was in on the celebration too.
I also need to announce that Josh now has a daughter,her name is Sophia Grace. I haven't seen any pictures yet but hope to soon.I'm sure she is a beauty as she has Bruce as a Grandfather. I'm sure he is beaming and watching over her.
Well I've gone on enough,Hi to all and all take care.
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