Dealing with constant movement

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Dealing with constant movement

Postby Franbeth » Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:05 am

I am new to this, caregiver for someone dx approx. 2 yrs ago. Have seen much decline in recent mos. ...but the one which is most frustrating to deal w/ is the inability to sit still sometimes. Has lift recliner which seemed comfortable enough for her up until the past 2-3 mos and now almost everytime she is in any chair in the home , there is constant moving around, squirmming and when I ask what could be done to help her get more comfortable ...answer is always "I don't know"....the recliner is up ...the recliner is down ....the chairs are becoming so loosened with the almost constant movement that they squeak ......and there is almost no place in my small home where this can't be heard.

I plan to discuss this new movement w/ neurologist at next appointment , but in the meantime ....has anyone else got any ideas about how to deal with this ????
Would be grateful for any suggestions at all . The only med she is on for the movement disorder is Sinemet .
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Postby Robin » Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:03 pm

You might post in the genl discussion area.

This could be akathisia. Speak to the MD about it.
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