Bruce's Sister

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Bruce's Sister

Postby Crazy Mary » Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:53 am

I mentioned in earlier posts about Bruce's Sister being diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. She passed away Sunday the 5th of July.
I and his nieces were able to get her Son over to see her before,but although we had planned on taking him Sunday we were not able to make it before she passed away.
I realized it was happening because she said she was going to see Bruce and the kemo had taken alot out of her. Charlie's last visit with his Mom was rough on him. But he is doing well considering his mental disability. The family is surrounding him and he picked out things for his Mom and I do believe that being allowed to do these things for her has helped him to get through.
Tommorow will be the hardest for him and the family,as we go to Jefferson Barracks again in less than a year. But as long as they continue to hold to each other everyone will be okay.
I found out something for those who might find themselves in a situation where a cancer patient is involved. I wasn't sure if they would be able to do her hair because she was losing it do to the kemo. So I contacted Hospice and they told me that our locale Cancer group works with our locale equipment company and they supply wigs for no fee. Although we did donate in Madeline's name to the cancer society. I think this a great program.
God has taken another to his womb,and as I told Charlie he now has another Angel to watch over him.
wife of Bruce 54 years old diag.2003 symptoms since 2001. Freed of PSP on Aug. 19th 2008
Crazy Mary
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bruce's sister

Postby ruthkri » Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:13 pm

Dear,dear Mary, You have had your share of sadness this year. But you seem to bounce back. Good things seem to happen to you also with a new baby. Your spirit is a joy that comes across with all you posts. I wish you so much. Please dear God Bless Mary. Fondly Ruth
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