A big Hello to everyone

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A big Hello to everyone

Postby Dana » Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:36 pm

Hi there,

Thought I would read a lot of stuff here and maybe I just don;t know how to navigate.

Haven't been on here for a long, long, time. Well, since 2006 is when I started a very different life anyway.

Sorry Ed, didn't know about your sorrow.

Have been keeping up with Ru though and am still enjoying that gal.

I have been busy volunteering and almost have volunteered myself into a corner :lol: I may have to slow it down some.

Really helps to keep busy and help others though.

I was really looking here for the old back porch and found a little of it. We all had so much uplifting from it in our lives. I have laughed a lot here and hope others did too. Wasn't much to laugh about then and this place was a miracle worker for me.

Love you all,
Dana from East Texas
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Postby eplowman » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:47 am

Hi, Dana,

Welcome back. Thank you for your kind words.

Life is different from three years ago for many of us. PSP is in the past for some of us, though we're staying around to try to help others along the way. Others are still on the front lines of caregiving for their loved one and coping with many challenges. And new folks are arriving regularly.

I don't see as much of the light touch and personal sharing on The Back Porch as in the recent past. That may be because some of the folks who kept us smiling are gone, and some others are caring for a loved one in later-stage PSP -- where light moments are harder to come by.

Care to tell us more about how your life has changed and what's happening with you these days?

If not, maybe you'll enjoy a travel story. I'm back to making air trips in connection with work and pleasure. On a recent trip to the San Francisco area (where among other things I met with Robin and the terrific support group she coordinates), I finished up business and headed to the San Jose airport to catch a flight to San Diego. I was running late. I stopped at an ancient gas station along the way to fill up and return my rental car full.

Well, the pump was not working correctly, and no matter what I did, the fuel came out molasses slow. It was too late to go looking for another service station, so I sighed, turned around and leaned back against the rear side of the car while holding the pump trigger down, and went over plans in my head for my San Diego itinerary.

Suddenly, I felt liquid on my trouser leg. I saw fuel forming a pool under my shoes. The car gas tank was full, and the stupid pump's auto shutoff wasn't working! My trousers and left sock and shoe were soaked! What to do? I already was past the two-hour-checkin time at the airport. I got the key to the yucky restroom from the attendant, wrung out the trousers, wiped the sock with tissue, and washed my left leg with paper towels. As quickly as possible.

But I still reeked of gasoline. I knew I'd never make it through security. And no way was I going to open a well packed suitcase and risk messing up everything else. The attendant gave me directions to a Target store a mile away. (The fumes were so bad that a spark inside the car could have ended it all. :) )

I rushed into the store and upstairs to the men's department. They didn't have my trousers size; I settled for a cheap pair of khakis three inches too long. Bought a package of undershorts and some cheap socks, paid at the register and tried to assure the clerks the strong fumes around me were nothing to worry about. Had a sales clerk cut off the tags, and Irushed into the men's room. Off came the trousers, shorts, and socks. Another quick wash job with paper towels. Put on the new clothing, rolled up the trouser legs, stuffed the gas-soaked clothes into the trash can, and went flying back to the car. By the time the car rental people settled with me and dropped me back at the terminal and the baggage was checked at the curb, I had only 30 minutes to spare. Security rushed me through, and I made it to the gate in time for the first boarding announcement. Whew.

I hadn't realized how deeply into the skin gasoline can penetrate -- but folks seated around me on the plane could sure tell! :D

Moral: Never lean up against a car when pumping gas! Duh!

ed p.
|My wife of 56 years was Rose b. 1930, dx 1999, symptoms from 1997; d. 06/21/08; PSP-rs autopsy confirmed.
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Postby Dana » Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:13 pm

Hi there Ed,

That is a bang up story.

My travels were two years ago to San Fran. and hopped to Medford , Or.
and then to Yreaka, Ca. Beautiful country. I was a rather sad trip as I had an aunt who had died earlier and they held a memorial for her.

I am not as well traveled as you and my eldest daughter went with me and we decided to go to the ocean. There were only maybe two roads out that way and my daughter said she felt as if she were playing game and going in corkscrews . ha

Last year, my son and I went to Puyallup , Wa. and it was pretty there.; I visited with my 90 yr old aunt, the only one left.

I am keeping very busy volunteering at the church (Methodist) clothes closet where we go though donations and wash and iron clothes. We sell them for mostly 50cents to two dollars and we have given away ten thousand dollars in almost three years of being open. This is in a town of around seven hundred.

Have a widows forty two club, Child Protective service board member, Home Ex. makers club and play the piano for church.

Am almost too too busy.

I am going out to the rolling plains of Texas close to Vernon. Well, you might know of Wichita Falls and going to a 50's class reunions. All the classes in that range. I am about five hours away and my kids say are you sure you can go by yourself. ta da. Been going there for years and still have a good drivers lic. .

Had rotator cuff surgery and possibly may need another one but that was a breeze except had to stay at home and not drive with one hand for a little while. Didn't like that. Everyone who reads this needs to remember to take care of yourself lifting as it can hurt later on.

I water walk two days a week and keep busy. Welllll not house cleaning and boy do I need to get that done.

I really don't have anything as funny that you wrote but wow it is a wonder that you weren't burned. Welllll, my son and I were not exactly seasoned travelers and I did lose my credit card and didn't know it until we were in Dallas/Ft. Worth airport checking in. I had prepaid but needed a credit card. duh. I did have an Exxon though and my son happened to have one to use for the car. What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!

They let him put it on his credit card as even though you have money or a check no dice. So much for this ole lady. Crying helped a litte. Just kidding. Felt like it though.

When you have been in school, farmed , and raised children there is no time for plane travel. I am learning though.

Love ya'll

Dana from East Texas
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Postby dadscare » Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:54 pm

Ed, I just read your story..!! Loved it! :lol:
hugs carol
My Father age 82 passed away September 2010 had probable PSP
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Postby Crazy Mary » Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:08 am

Dana, I think its great that your staying busy. Sounds like you all have some good programs there.
Ed, You gotta watch out for those gas pumps. I stopped and helped a lady this past week who had run out of gas. Some of the gas got spilled in the car and I had to drive home with the windows down. The car reeked for a couple of days.
Sounds like you've been pretty busy yourself. I have another Pow Wow this week. I leave on wed and will return on sunday. I hope the weather is good,I need to sell a few things. I built up my inventory of crafts so I am hoping to see it drindle. I don't have anymore room on the dining table or coffee table where I always seem to end up working on the crafts.
On a good note I checked the displays I put out here in town for donations for PSP research and people are taking the info and envelopes. So I am hoping they are donating.
I plan on putting out another display for this weekend as well. Maybe this time we'll collect more.
I decided sense I have been working on the yard that I would try doing a traditional Cherokee garden medicine wheel. I picked out the rocks for it now I have to decide where to put it in the yard. I'm also hoping the kids will work on it with me.
Take care all.
wife of Bruce 54 years old diag.2003 symptoms since 2001. Freed of PSP on Aug. 19th 2008
Crazy Mary
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good ro catch up

Postby ruthkri » Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:43 pm

Hi you all. Something pulled to the back porch site and it was old times. Can it have been two or more years since we all got to know one another
almost every day back then. They were hard times but somehow or other we all got through them. I can relive all of your ups and downs and am still loving mine doing the same as you all seem to be doing. Running , cleaning, volunteering , lots of phoning, visiting, and trying to create a new life. You all seem to be trying hard also Oh for the days when we didn't have to try to fill the void. But it is so good to hear from all of you. Dana, I lived in Texas for 47 years (Dallas) and I loved hearing mention of the names of familiar places, I hope to go down and visir my kids this fall. I have some new great grandkids to meet. My son in Dallas send me pictures on E-Mail several times a week so I feel I know them. Can't wait to hug them. Ed, your California trip hit home too. I lived out there for ten years. In fact my daughter called me tonight and asked when I was coming back out to San Diego. Was out there last October. She has been working in her office at Scrips in LaJolla and calls me regularly and we talk all the way till she says Bye Mom , Love you I'm beginning to
cut out , reception in Mission Hills (where she lives ) is bad on cell phones. She has the required Ca. no hands cell phone in the car and I
feel so connected even though we are so far from one another. She will be lecturing here in August and an so looking foward to then. Have been to
lots of grad parties and end of the season Church study group luncheons
and Church activities so I think as I am writing how blessed I am to have family and friends, a wonderful son and daughter in law and two granddaughters here all who try to help me have a full but different life but
the unspoken we so miss our loved one. You all take care and lets try to keep up again . Hugs to you all Ruth P.S Mary a special Hi to you and everyone else who have commiserated and goofed around the Back Porch
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Postby Robin » Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:05 am

Ruth -
I sent you an email a couple of days ago about when you might be coming out to CA this summer and to see if you can easily find an old post of yours about not calling 911! Nice to see you post.
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Postby eplowman » Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:37 am


I also was in San Diego in October -- for almost two weeks! We should have arranged for a meeting over coffee at a Starbucks! :)

My daughter Gail has a jewelry and gift shop in LaJolla in a prime location right on Prospect St., (the main shopping street in town).

I was there in March for two weeks, and again for two weeks THIS month (June). This latest time I stayed in the Escondido area. Did a lot of walking, including long treks on the beaches in Carlsbad and LaJolla. Passed the Scripps med center a number of times.

Hope to make another visit there this coming October, if work doesn't take me there earlier.

ed p.
|My wife of 56 years was Rose b. 1930, dx 1999, symptoms from 1997; d. 06/21/08; PSP-rs autopsy confirmed.
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Postby Dana » Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:58 pm

Hi Ruth,

So glad to hear from you and glad you are able to keep on keeping on.

I live about 2 hrs from Dallas. We are 16 miles from Paris in East Texas.

It is really hot here now and humid.

We all leaned on one another to get through things back then and hopefully now more than ever we may be able to help others too.

Here is hoping that you continue to do well and enjoy life.

LOL Dana from East Texas
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