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Postby Crazy Mary » Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:50 am

I am wishing you all a wonderful and thankfull Easter.
Our family all got together today for Easter and my Birthaday which falls on Easter this year. For some reason it seems society has forgotten about our Christian holidays and most of the family have to work Easter.
I find this totally rediculous. However I am glad that we were together sense Dad is ill it was good for us all to be home.
I don't know if any of you know what a walking stick tree is,but having seen one I really wanted one for the yard. However this tree is not cheap,when I priced it at the nursery it was $106.00 for a four to five foot tree. I was teasing the kids and Mom about wanting them to get this tree for me for my birthday. When they ask me what I want I always give them some silly suggestion that I know they won't get. Well this time Mom decided to call the kids and one of my sisters and take up a donation for the tree. So come monday morn to the nursery I go :) . Now hopefully I can keep it alive.
It was a nice day with the grandchildren my first year in some time that I was able to focus on them. They are wonderful and I am getting to know more about them all the time,especially the older ones. Maddie the youngest was around us much more than the others,so we are closer. At one point I was with the youngest three at the swing set and all three were telling me stories at the same time. I just had to laugh it reminded me when the kids were little and all of them had something to say at the same time and I was to hear and understand every word they were all saying.
I pray all of you will have as good a day as we did.
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