strange question

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strange question

Postby Crazy Mary » Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:18 pm

Okay I know this is going to sound strange but it is what it is. A couple of months back I was sent something in the mail from an investment company that Bruce and I had spoke with some years ago. I called them for some reason I felt I needed to. I was throwing away the mailings we were getting because I figured we couldn't do anything anyway.
When I called I found out that Bruce had taken out a term life insurance policy which I wasn't aware of. Of course sense I was throwing away the mailings I didn't know that it was to lasps due to none payment. Anyway today I got another mailing from another company and opened it after reading it I realized that he may have done it again. I was right he had taken another policy out this one was an accidental death which also has lapsed due to none payment.
One reason he may have had for not telling me about them is that I believed we were insurance poor as it was. Now I have to wonder if there are other policies that maybe out there with the boys as beneficiary or even myself again. Before we even found out he was sick Bruce was obsessed with making sure we were all taken care of should anything happen to him. I tried to assure him that we would all be okay and that he shouldn't worry about such things. Now that I know he wasn't listening I have to wonder if there are going to be more letters. I would hate it if there was a policy out there for the boys and we didn't know. But I don't know how to go about finding out.
The two companies I got letters from were companies that we had spoke about and I was adament about not spending the money at the time. I have know idea if he spoke with someone else and did others or not. I haven't found any papers but I didn't on the others either. I did find some things that he had put in our storage bend that I didn't know he had put there that are to go to the boys. I did tell them about them and we will take care of it when Mark comes home. But my question is how to you begin to find something like life ins, if you have know idea what company it might be?
He was always so worried about all of us it really shouldn't surprise me that he did something like this. I think though that if he did do a policy for the boys it may have been one that he paid off or was not term,which means it would just be sitting there waiting for them. I would hate it if he meant for them to have something like that and we not knowing didn't get it to them.
Any suggestions on what to do or where to search?
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