Update: Genetic & Environmental Risk Factors PSP Study

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Update: Genetic & Environmental Risk Factors PSP Study

Postby administrator » Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:20 pm

Update on Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors for PSP Study

Dr. Irene Litvan at the University of Louisville, Division of Movement Disorders and our collaborators at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston TX), Case Western Reserve (Cleveland OH), University of Colorado (Denver CO), Emory School of Medicine (Atlanta GA), University of Maryland (Baltimore MD), University of Alabama, Birmingham (Birmingham AL), University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles CA), University of Washington (Seattle WA) and Cornell University (Ithaca NY] have been busy recruiting and enrolling PSP patients, spouses, caregivers and friends into the National Institutes of Health research study on PSP.

They are currently 3 years into our study of “Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors for PSP” and have enrolled over 150 PSP patients throughout the U.S. In order to reach the study's goal of 500 patients they have expanded the number of recruitment sites to include 4 new sites, including one international site. Added sites include the University of South Florida [Tampa FL], Kansas University Medical Center [Kansas City KS], Rush University Medical Center [Chicago IL] and the University of Toronto [Toronto Canada]. The hope is that these 4 new sites will be enrolling patients by late summer.

Recruitment is ongoing and they are still looking for people to help reach the goal. If you are interested in participating either as a patient, or as a healthy control for a friend or family member who has PSP, please contact the Program. Your participation in this study involves a minimal time commitment and will not prevent your involvement in any other PSP studies.

They are actively seeking and enrolling PSP patients who meet the following criteria:
 40 years of age or older
 able to participate in a telephone interview
 can visit one of our screening sites
 have no other major neurological disorders
 can identify two healthy controls (a spouse or caregiver and an age and gender-matched, non-blood relative such as an in-law, friend or neighbor).

The researchers thank CurePSP and all those that have participated in this groundbreaking study for the contribution towards unraveling this devastating disease. Your hard work and dedication are appreciated!
For more information, please contact the Program at 1-866-PSP-0448 or http://www.pspstudy.com.
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