Lethargic? Is this a stage?

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Lethargic? Is this a stage?

Postby delle » Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:22 pm

Hi There...

I'm sitting at the hospital with my mom. She is lethargic, it started about a week ago, her words were slurring. They were sort of slurring a week ago, and now they are completely slurred, almost to the point where we cannot understand a word she is saying. Plus, she won't move from the bed. PT came by and tried to get her to move, but they said they couldn't do much.

Is it possible she had just gone downhill in 1 week, this much? The primary care doctor doesnt seem to know what to do, and the neurologist hasn't yet called me back today, I am waiting to ask him. But, I want to know what is going on?

The primary care doctor seems to think she can be released to a rehab, but so far that hasn't happened, and how can they release her if she is this lethargic??

Anyone have experience with this?
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Re: Lethargic? Is this a stage?

Postby Robin » Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:28 pm

Sounds familiar.

It could be:
* usual disease progression (fatigue can be a big problem in PSP)
* change in medication
* infection (such as a UTI) or metabolic imbalance

Slurred speech (dysarthria) is very common. Apathy is very common. Fatigue is common. People with PSP need more rest than they previously needed.
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Re: Lethargic? Is this a stage?

Postby HelpingDad » Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:16 pm

My dad who has CBD gets fatigued very easily and he really doesn't do anything physical anymore. He sleeps/naps alot, I bet in a 24 hour period he'll sleep least half of that. He may not sleep for extended periods, longest 3-4 hours, but naps all the time. Dad's doctors aren't overly worried about his sleep pattern as long as he gets sleep.

Several months ago when dad still had limited movement with a walker, his therapist said him walking a half dozen steps was equivalent to a healthly person running a 100m dash.

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Re: Lethargic? Is this a stage?

Postby delle » Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:01 am

So, they found a UTI. She is getting antibotics for the UTI. I think her slurred speech and lack of movement is from the PSP, I think its just getting worse every day. Ugh :(
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Re: Lethargic? Is this a stage?

Postby eplowman » Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:52 am

Probably the most common cause of UTI's for PSP patients is inadequate/improper care. In many nursing homes, one aide may be responsible for looking after up to 8 or 10 patients at a time, and things and people can get overlooked at times. The patient may be left on a chair or in bed for hours, soaking in his or her diaper, and then not getting washed thoroughly before a fresh, clean one is put on.

Assuming incontinence is part of your mom's condition, do your parents have close friends who could make un-preannounced daytime visits to her on occasion (and check unobtrusively on the level of care she is receiving re. this need)? Of course, your dad should check, too, when he's there for breakfast and dinner, and on weekends.

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