Spinal tap results

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Spinal tap results

Postby grandmakcat » Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:58 pm

Don't know if any one can answer this for me or has had the same experience but thought I'd throw this out there. When my husband and I were seeking a diagnosis for his symptoms back in 2013 he saw a neurologist who ordered an MRI, EEG, and spinal tap. After almost a year of spread out visits he said he had 'pseudo dementia' and that his tau levels were normal so there was no signs of anything that would be contributing to his symptoms neurologically except depression. He sent him to a psychiatrist who seemed surprised by his diagnosis. Before we could go further than 2 visits to him, our insurance changed and my husband who is a Vietnam Vet started going to the Albany VA for his care. They immediately ordered more tests and evaluations. This started in about January of this year and they right away said there was something much more serious going on than 'depression'. They mentioned PSP which was the first we had ever heard of this disease and I started doing research right away. After many tests and different doctor visits, including an extensive neuro-psychological test and going to the eye clinic they have diagnosed PSP. He's been dealing with the falls, weakness, gait issues for almost 4 years, eye problems including blurring for the same which have no progressed to downward gaze issues and blinking problems, very noticeable cognitive decline, change in mood and behavior, pronounced stiffness and extension of his fingers and toes and neck, slight tremor in his hands at times, his speech is quiet and he repeats words and mixes up his words, sleep problems, dropping things all the time, choking and coughing while he eats, gobbling his food and being very messy when he eats....you know the list. My question is - I've noticed that 'tau' levels on some posts seem to indicate PSP. If his levels were in the 'normal' range - are we dealing with something different? Has anyone experienced this? His spinal test was back in the summer of 2013. Any answers would be great.
Husband Dennis 1952-2016 aged 64 - PSP diagnosis 2014 - first symptoms around 2009 / Vietnam vet / Cause of death - complications from PSP; aspiration pneumonia 7/9/2016
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Re: Spinal tap results

Postby tgadomski » Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:55 pm

My mother was finally diagnosed with PSP just 2 days ago. Another doctor had done a spinal tap and diagnosed Alzhiemers. The new doctor said the spinal tap was unnecessary and apologized for the ineptness of the other doctor. He said the MRI we had done, along with his exam of my mother's eyes, speech and walking were enough to diagnose the PSP. Take care.
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Re: Spinal tap results

Postby Robin » Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:16 pm

At the present time, neither PSP nor Alzheimer's Disease can be diagnosed using a spinal tap.
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Re: Spinal tap results

Postby mustang » Fri Oct 24, 2014 6:29 am

Last year our neurologist wanted to do a spinal tap on my husband to rule out a couple of things and also check for early onset Alzheimer's. What I understand is early onset Alzheimer's, or Atypical Alzheimer's can be detected by certain genes. We didn't have this done because of past back surgery and arthritis in the spot where the tap was to be. It was doable, but my husband didn't want to add anymore pain to his already painful back. Our Neuro was fine with that and said he really didn't think it was all that necessary since he didn't really think that it was the disease he was trying to rule out. He's still not sure it's PSP or CBD because the progression is slow, although he has symptoms of both PSP and CBD. He's had symptoms for about 5 years. Not that a diagnoses will cure anything, it's frustrating just being out in the wind.
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