DNA Sequencing

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DNA Sequencing

Postby TAXED » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:38 pm

Has anyone out there researched DNA Sequencing to determine best medicines for your LO. I read an article today in Forbes about a company called ILLumina. They are the leader in DNA Sequencing that has brought the price down from $100M per human genome, to $1,000. What I find interesting is about a patient that by age four was confined to a wheelchair, couldn't swallow, and only ate thicken liquids, etc.. Through DNA Sequencing they determined she needed dopamine-boosting medicines similar to the ones Parkinson's patients take. The next day she got out of her wheelchair and could walk. She loves to dance now.

There is a foundation set up by Bill Gates and Google Ventures that is using this for cancer patients.

I just wonder if there is a research lab somewhere doing this for PSP, or Parkinson's, or other similar diseases?
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